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What if your Nikon product is defective:

As end customer

You have three options:

  1. Bring it back to the Nikon dealer where you purchased it. They have their own procedures and will explain you all about bringing back your product.
  2. Bring it to us in Brussels for repair (for opening hours and contact details, click here)
  3. You can send the material to us, but under strict conditions:
    • The packaging must be an anonymous box, without any advertisements.
    • The package must be insured for the full value of the contents.
    • The cost of shipping and returns are at your expense, even if the unit is under warranty. Procirep is responsible for the warranty on your device but not for the transport of it.
    • If, however, you want to send the unit under warranty without being charged extra costs, you will need to go to your dealer.

As Dealer

You should apply the device in the customer area for retrieval. The device will then be retrieved. Through the FAQ section you will learn how to send the unit.


There will be no charge (outside of transportation costs, if you are sending it as an end costumer), if you own a device that still has its warranty and it is accepted,

Do note that the warranty can refused for the following reasons:

  • Fall or impact damage
  • Water / oxidation / sand damage
  • No valid purchase receipt at the repair

The warranty rules in Europe are as followed:

  • Purchased from a dealer in Belgium → 2 year warranty on all equipment from Nikon
  • Bought on a website → 1 year warranty, if the head office is located in Belgium, for the second year warranty please inform via the country of origin
  • Bought in Europe → 1 year warranty, for the second year warranty please inform via the country of origin
  • Purchased outside Europe → 1 year warranty on lenses, no warranty on other purchased materials from Nikon, the warranty must be obtained from the country of origin.


A quotation will be prepared and mailed. You have 60 days to react to the quotation.

If the warranty is no longer applicable, the following costs will be charged:

Pickup Procirep

Upon receiving your material, you will be asked for an advance of € 50.

After reviewing we will send you a quote via email. For this quotation you have three different options:

  1. You can accept the repair for the specified amount indicated on the quotation. The advance is settled immediately on your quotation.
  2. You may refuse the quotation and you can retrieve the device within 30 days.
  3. You can leave the unit for destruction. 15€ tax included

Pickup Shop / Dealer

If you bring your device back via the dealer, some specific advances and quotation costs apply per dealer. You can check this at your dealer.

Shipping to Procirep

Upon receiving your material, we will make a quotation.

You will have three options:

  1. You can let the repairs be carried out for the indicated amount. After finishing the repair we will send you the invoice. After payment of said invoice we will send the unit back.
  2. You may refuse the repair and reclaim the device. We will send you an invoice with quotation and transportation costs for sending the unit back.
  3. You can leave the device for destruction. We will send an invoice for the cost of quotation for reviewing
    (€ 35).

What if your device is ready?


If your material is ready, you will receive a text or an email. These are accepted for getting your device back or you can show the receipt obtained at delivery.

If there are any additional costs linked to your repair you will need to pay them when you retrieve the device.


We will send your material with the formula “Delivery for a fee”. ONLY CHEQUE

You will be informed in advance of amount that needs to be paid for the delivery of the unit.

If you make the payments with direct debit, the invoices are settled twice a month.

If you want to request direct debit, you can consult the following section: Request debit